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Making Ends Meet Curtailing the Expenses of Being a Horse Owner

Horse care done right is not cheap. As a matter of fact, many a horse aficionado is tempted to cut corners with respect to horse care, only to decide against this option and instead compromise and skimp on other areas of their lives.

To this end, many horse owners choose to spend more money on feed rather than less. Planting pastures is seen as a long term investment, since a lush pasture provides much needed nutrition to the horses.

To this end, some horse owners suggest that you use Bermuda grass for your pasture and seed ryegrass alongside it. Fescue, orchard grass, and lespedeza are also famous for offering important health benefits. If you employ a rotational grazing approach, you will prevent one area from being overgrazed, thus

permitting some white clover and native grasses to establish themselves, adding more nutritional benefits. This will help you in the end when you are able to seriously cut back on the amount of grain you have to feed to keep your horses healthy.

Another money saving tip is to purchase your feed in bulk rather than in the customary 50-pound bag. Additionally, hay can be purchased by the ton instead of by the bale, yet remember that anything you purchase in bulk must have proper storage. If you do not have the storage facility to put aware these quantities of feed, you will end up with vermin infestations and mold. Of course, bulk purchases also lend themselves for insecticides and herbicides. If you choose to do so, make certain that you understand the mixing process and that you have a place to put the concentrate as well as the mixed portions.

Saving money on a stall is often not as simple. You may be able to time share your stall by moving one horse in when you move another out, but if you need two stalls at the same time, you will need to pay for it. Some horse owners are able to make a deal with the owner of the stable and offer labor in return for a reduced bill. Save money on equipment as well. Instead of purchasing something, first try to borrow it from someone or rent it. If you establish a good relationship with fellow horse owners, borrowing is usually not a problem as long as you return everything quickly, in good condition, and cleaner than it was when you received it. Rentals will still save you money since the actual cost of the equipment you might need can actually be quite high.

While skimping on veterinary care is not recommended, there are several procedures you can learn to do yourself, such as giving vaccinations and even trimming feet by the by, some horses do not even shoes, if they have no hoof problems and are not ridden on hard surfaces. Obviously, you first want to have a vet show you the proper procedures before trying it yourself. Veterinary supplies may also be purchased form suppliers at a discount, whereas a vet usually charges more for them.

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Tack needs to be maintained religiously. Synthetic tack can be hosed down or washed in the washing machine. It's lighter in weight, easy to care for, and less expensive than leather. Leather, needs much more care. Inspect it every time you clean it. Wash it every time you use it, and then oil the leather parts a few times a year.

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