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Horse Transportation and Equine Trailer Travel

It's amazing to think that imported horses are loaded into airplanes and flown across the world, but that's how thousands of horses enter the country every year. Fortunately for the ordinary horse owner, moving horses usually involves hauling a trailer behind a pickup truck instead of booking airfare for your favorite mare!
The most important thing in horse shipping is in caring for the safety of the animals; many equines find travel stressful and may be upset for days over a bad loading. If you plan to take your horse on travel to shows, fairs, rodeos or events, or if you expect to be moving anytime soon, learning to load, trailer, transport and unload your horse will be a challenging part of your life.

Transporting horses over long distances requires the right equipment and planning to go smoothly without injury or stress to horse or owner. You need a trailer that's the right size and type for the horse and the journey; you need to know how to train your horse to enter and exit a trailer with minimal discomfort; you need a plan for taking care of your horse at the end of the road! Read the articles below for tips and advice on horse transportation.

Horse Travel and Transportation Articles

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The Right Saddle for Cutting or Reining

For cutting and reining horse events, you definitely need a saddle thatís designed to help you "ride in balance and sit the stop." First, you want a saddle that was designed and built specifically for reining or cutting. Both of these designs have their individual advantages but remember, just because the manufacturer "calls" it a reining saddle doesnít mean it was designed "well" for reining.

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