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Horse Breeds: Basic Descriptions of Widespread Equine Breeds

Horses are described in numerous ways; breeds, types, 'bloods' and purposes. When looking at shows or sales descriptions its very easy to be confused by the different descriptions used. We have complied a short list of some of the more popular horse breeds with a picture, so that you can more easily identify the breed types we are referencing.
Common Horse Breeds
Please take a look at the horse breed information we have complied in the below articles. Each article contains a description and picture of the equine breed listed.

Popular Breeds of Horses Around the World (Pictures too)

Types of Equine Breeds

  • Coldbloods - Larger, gentle horses for working or hauling.

  • Hotbloods - Swift, fast horses used for racing and speed.

  • Warmbloods - Great breed for equestrian sports and competitions.

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