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JD North Art, Horse Art and Horse Portraits
Hand painted horse portraits.

Horse Portrait
Using several photographs, I paint a one-of-a-kind horse portrait of your loved one(s). If the color is off in your favorite photograph, I can correct that and also change other aspects such as the setting. For Lucky Jewel (the horse featured above), I changed the position of the Thoroughbred's back right leg, and I corrected the lighting.
Horse Art
Doing horse art is the love of my life. There is an absolute thrill in bringing these majestic creatures to life on the canvas. Many people at first mistake my paintings for photographs like the one above with the horses grazing in the pasture, and the one below of the sled dogs. Contact me (707-445-1290) to discuss immortalizing any of your favorite four-legged friends.
Animal Art
Since every project, size of painting, and subject material is unique, I would love to have you discuss your ideas with me and at that time be better able to give you pricing and delivery schedule information. Pleas try contacting me by email first so I can be better prepared for your call (707-445-1290).
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The Right Saddle for Cutting or Reining

For cutting and reining horse events, you definitely need a saddle thatís designed to help you "ride in balance and sit the stop." First, you want a saddle that was designed and built specifically for reining or cutting. Both of these designs have their individual advantages but remember, just because the manufacturer "calls" it a reining saddle doesnít mean it was designed "well" for reining.

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Dog Portrait

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