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Horse Barns

There are several different ways a horse barn can be constructed, depending on the number of horses you own, the amount of money you want to spend and the amount of space you have.

It is possible to use a structure that is already standing on your property. If you're going to do this be sure to look the building over carefully first to ensure that it is suitable for horses. Check out doorways to make sure they're wide enough and check to see that the horse will not have access to any dangerous wires or nails.

Okay, let's get to specific kinds

3-sided "Run-in"

If you plan to have a barn built, check your zoning laws. Find out what kind of permits you need.

If you have limited space, consider a three-sided run-in shelter. Even in severe weather, horses will do fine. If you will have 2 horses, you will need one built that is at least 12x24 feet. By puting a panel down the middle, you can always convert this setup to 2 stalls. run-in

A limitation of small stalls is there is no room to groom or tack up your horse, and no room to store grain and hay.

If you get plans for a run-in shelter, a local carpenter can easily build it for you.


A barn can be as big and elaborate as your space and budget permit. Some even will install mirrors on the walls, and provide a heated viewing area. There are equine barn-builder specialists who can lay out the multiple stalls, tack rooms, washrooms, sprinkler systems, and overhead hay storage. These builders advertise in local and national horse magazines. They also know how to safely install light fixtures, and know just how high and wide the doors need to be, and provide for proper ventilation.

open barn Barn Floors

Dirt floors are fine, but you can't wash them down. Wood floors are also fine, but be aware that over time, urine and manure will rot the floor. Concrete is hard on a horses legs, so it should be covered with rubber mats and a deep layer of bedding

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