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Boosting a Horse’s Immune System

by Kristen Robertson, Immunall Herbal Horse Supplements from Sheridan Creek Tack

Horse breeders, trainers and racers aren't afraid to confront challenges and take risks, but risking the health of their animals is out of the question. The challenge of keeping horses healthy is that so much of the world seems bent on endangering their well-being! Simply traveling to a nearby show can place a horse under strain. Travel also places horses at risk of illness, since it's impossible to completely control surroundings that be contaminated by sick animals. For horses, as for humans, it makes more sense to build a strong immune system in the first place than it does to spend weeks or months fighting illness that could have been prevented by simple precautions.
Responsible horse owners know that there are two things they must do to give a horse every chance and maximal health: prevent illness or injury through proper care and nutrition and address illness or injury promptly when it does occur. A good herbal supplement can act as a prophylactic (preventive) measure and also be useful in cases of acute illness—both situations that can be addressed by providing additional strength to the horse's immune system.
Strengthening the immune system can be baffling because horses have specialized needs. One mare may have a tendency to yeast infections, which may compromise efforts to breed her while another horse may have joint-related issues that cause swelling after exercise. Some animals fight a chronic battle with digestion while others tend towards respiratory problems. Allergies are another concern, and they can show up in nearly any bodily system. How can you protect your horse against so wide a spectrum of potential ailments?

By giving a boost to the overall immune system with a good herbal supplement. Herbs have long been known for their ability to positively effect the digestion, lymph processes, cardiac function and energy-building of the body. Some herbs are natural fungicides or have antibiotic properties that assist the body in fighting off infection. Some herbs help the kidneys or liver process waste faster, hastening healing after stress or injury.

Many of Europe's finest horse trainers have recognized that a product that provides overall immune system building can help horses in breeding, racing, eventing and recovering from injury or stress. They use a product called Immunall, which contains seven herbs known for their immune boosting properties. Immunall gives horses support for kidneys, liver and digestion. Immunall also acts as a preventive measure, as it contains anti-fungal and anti-bacterial ingredients. Healing is facilitated as well, and some trainers comment on how quickly their horses recover from races when they're on a regime including Immunall.

But perhaps most exciting is Immunall's impact on horse fertility. Many breeders write in with stories of mares who could never conceive before getting pregnant and delivering healthy foals after starting on a program of Immunall. Lisa Dworkin of Irish Hills Farm put her 24 year old stud Le Santo on Immunall and every mare he's been bred to so far came up pregnant after only one breeding. Since Le Santo had a less than stellar breeding record before that, Lisa was delighted. She also enumerated the mares she's given Immunall to, citing prior fertility problems, allergies and other health issues that had often prevented their having conceived.

And she's not alone. Mrs. Jessica Harrington, one of the world's foremost trainers said, "I am delighted with the results of Immunall and find it very effective on horses that run below par."

Other trainers and owners who use Immunall for their horses say that it shortens recovery time after races, gives the animals more energy and stamina and helps them make the most of their feed so they eat less but perform better.

So, what is this magical elixir?

Immunall isn't magic! It's just a highly effective herbal supplement, made of the extracts of seven important herbs.

  • Allium sativum: Garlic
  • Uncaria tomentosa: Cat's Claw
  • Eleuterococcus senticosus: Siberian Ginseng
  • Echinacea purpurea: Purple Coneflower
  • Juglans regia: Walnut
  • Carduus marianus V: Milk Thistle
  • Viola tricolour: Heartsease
Herbs all have different properties and research into herbs has shown that their components affect a variety of bodily systems. After much testing and research, Immunall was patented in 1999 in the U.K., and has received a great deal of notice from trainers and breeders from England and Ireland. Recently made available in the U.S., Immunall has a history of increasing the health of horses and other animals without man-made chemicals, antibiotics or other typically medicinal ingredients.

Why Herbs?
Herbs were used in medicine long before the current pharmacopeia made broad-spectrum antibiotics the primary disease fighters of this century. But the effectiveness of modern antibiotics has become compromised by viruses that adapt to drugs by mutation, and more people are returning to herbs to support health and fight illness. As an example, herbs like garlic, lavender and tea tree oil are known antibiotics and fungicides, but are gentle enough to use without the digestive issues that can result from broad-spectrum antibiotics.

What's Wrong with Antibiotics?
Aside from the new "superbug" viruses, which render antibiotics helpless, antibiotics tend to kill normal intestinal flora, resulting in overgrowth of yeast, and inflammation or infection of the mucous membrane of the digestive tract. Avoiding the use of antibiotics for minor infection can prevent other, more serious problems, such as colitis. In cases where nothing else will work, broad-spectrum antibiotics can save lives, but where a less-powerful (or toxic) remedy will work, more veterinarians are looking for alternative treatments. When antibiotics are used, Immunall can be used to restore balance and assist in re-establishing healthy digestive processes.

The components of Immunall's herbs provide support to many bodily systems. Milk thistle, viola tricolor and heartsease support liver and kidney functioning; garlic and walnut support intestinal health and promote healing in the digestive tract; hormone production is regulated and the body utilizes glucose more efficiently. Echinacea fights bacteria and helps cells recuperate from damage. Cat's claw has anti-oxidant properties that can protect cells from further damage.

Immunall has no known side effects and no contraindications. It's easily administered—simply sprinkle on feed. For more information, visit .

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