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The Gift of a New Horse Companion

by Linnea, United States

My name is Linnea. I'm living with JRA (Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis). I've been having a tough time dealing with it. We've tried everything to make things feel better but nothing helped, it always just caused more problems. My last resort to make things better was to start taking very small doses of chemo shots each week. I have been doing very well recently and I am in remission.

Picture of Sapphire and Linea

My family has also been going through some tough times, because of a recent car accident that my dad, brother and sister were in. My siblings were fine except for my brother's broken nose, but as for my Dad, that day we lost him. Not to death, but he hit his head so hard that he suffered a traumatic brain injury. That's what I mean by saying, "I lost my Dad".

Last spring, I had a pregnant miniature red roan that was due to have a baby a little after the car accident. My Dad had given her to me on my 12th Birthday. Every day I would go out and check on her. Early one morning my barn cat had kittens so I went outside with my camera phone to take pictures of them. Afterwards, I went out to the pasture to check on Peaches my pregnant mare. She was standing kind of sad looking down at the ground. I ran out to see want was the matter. I saw something on the ground and my heart started racing. I ran over to it and of course, it was my baby laying still and cold on the ground. It took me a few seconds to think of what to do, but them I remembered that I had my phone.

I quickly dialed my house number and said to my mom, "Mom, Peaches' baby is here and I don't think she is breathing." Within the next few seconds she was half the way to the place were the baby lay. By that time, I was bawling and completely disappointed. I was shaking uncontrollably. My Mom is a Registered Nurse, she checked for the baby's heart beat and then opened her mouth. There was no heartbeat and a cork like thing was still stuck in her mouth. At that time I was out of control and could not stop crying. My mom hugged me. She was crying and said, "I'm so sorry". After a few minuets, I ran into the house and got a beautiful flowery pillowcase. We wrapped her tiny body in it. I petted her beautiful black and white coat then I kissed her on the nose and we buried her. After her burial, I decided to name her Thunder Rose because of a book I had read where the little girl in the story was so strong and brave.

A few day after Thunder Rose's death, I got a call from my family's good friend Nancy. Nancy had just announced that her miniature mare had given birth to a red and white paint named Sapphire. I was so jealous of Nancy. I knew that she was going to sell her mini when she got older so I started saving my money. Nancy wanted $600 for her baby. Little Sapphire was way out of my price range.

Soon September came and it was my 13th birthday. It started out disappointing. My parents gave me a dollar bill wrapped in a little box. In the lid of the box was a poem that read, "Big things come in small packages". I was confused. What in the world did it mean? All day my Mom and Dad tormented me by making me write a list of things that I could buy with the one dollar they had given me. My list was short. Nowadays, that's like nothing more than four gumballs!

Soon it was time to open the rest of my gifts. The first gift that I opened was another small box. In it was a piece of paper that said, "You are what happened when I wished upon a star". Great, another riddle! I dug a little deeper and picked up two beautiful lead ropes and a tiny purple halter. "Thanks.", I thought, "I don't have a baby horse anymore". There at the bottom of the box was a beautiful picture of baby Sapphire. My parents asked, "Could you buy that with your dollar?" I sadly said, "No!" thinking it was a cruel joke. My mom smiled and said, "Yes, honey, you can. Nancy and her family decided to lower her price $599.00!" Later that night at my family birthday party everyone was asking what I had gotten for my birthday. I happily replied "A dollar and baby Sapphire". They all laughed. Suddenly, I grew very suspicious of everyone at my party. They all knew about Sapphire except me! My family gave me all the things that I would need to take care of my baby girl.

In the end I became Sapphire's new owner. Sapphire has taught me how to be responsible. I also learned that big things really do come in small packages.

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