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Harmony Meadows Equine Rescue, Located in Paulding County, Georgia

Contact Phone: 770505-5020

Hours of Operation: 1pm to 8pm Mon- Sat

Harmony Meadows Equine Rescue
573 Frey Rd
Dallas, GA 30132

Located in: Paulding County


Group Background:
My nam is Debbie Ware and I owner and operate Harmony Meadows Equine Rescue. I have been rescuing horses for years, but last summer a good friend of mine needed help placing 4 Paso Fino horses that had lost their owner to a sever illness. We started our paperwork and took in these horses and were blessed with 3 babies several months later.

I was raised with horses all my life, and my father as well. He is the one who introduced me to horses as a young girl. I have showed for 10 years and decided that rescuing was my calling. I showed running events, racking, English Pleasure. I also spent two years in Endurance Racing and also spend my time trail riding.

We started as a non-profit org. in April of 2007. We have placed 20 horses so far.

How are Horses Acquired:
Our horses are sometimes given to us due to financial problems, we just adopted two horses from the animal shelter. Our horses are local right now but we will rescue from other states if need.. Yes, we have had people call us to pick up a horse from a subdivision and we now house him. Most of what we get are people no longer want them or can no longer afford the upkeep because of the economy. People are loosing their jobs and the horses is the first to go.

We are getting horses monthly if the room is open.

We are at our limit at this time. We now house 23 horses.

How the Horses Rehabilitated:
We will treat injuries on horses until they are held and then start their training on the ground. Once we know they are safe and trust us we will begin saddle training. We teach our horses to trust us, we do more ground work than anything. We work hard on trust and it comes first.

Our volunteers help with the training and care of every horse here. They are also a part of our rescues and transportation efforts. Our horses see the vet as soon as they come in. They are Vaccinated every year and coggins is taken. The horses are also vetted as needed. Anyone adopting a horse has a right to bring their own vet in to check the horse out prior to adopting at their own expense.

Group Specialties:
We do not hide anything here about our horses. We are very open with our adopters and are always willing to help them with any questions and or advise on caring for them.

We do pony rides and birthday parties and several of our volunteers have adopted horses from us and are still apart of our activities. We do garage sales and are looking at doing several horse shows. We are in the process of joining a Dance Studio and teaching the children to dance with horses.

We do not work with bits, spurs or any whips with any of our horses.

We have been posted in the local paper and magazine for our town to let people know that we are here.

Our 501 is pending at this time/ The IRS has received our paperwork and we are awaiting an answer.

We are Incorporated as a non profit organization. We also have our state boarding license.

Typical Day at the Facility:
I get up in the morning and head out to feed 23 horses on my own, I make sure all their water buckets are clean and full. Then I continue onto scooping all feces that they have graced me with. I take my time after words and spend about an hour and love on as many as I can. I spend in the morning about 3 hours cleaning and spending time with the horses. Every horse here is handled twice a day. i also medicate any that are needing medical care.

We feed and care for each horse twice a day and when we do get the time we start their training.

We have a total of 11 volunteers that help us on the average week.

Horses Available:
We have around 5 to 6 horses up for adoption on a given, and with the way the economy is right now it is very hard to adopt a horse out. We have adopted 3 horses in the last 2 months.

Adoption Procedures:
They are asked to come and visit our facilities and spend time with the horses as often as they can. They are required to fill our adoption forms and must have a job, home and transportation. We make a visit to where the horse(s) will be living. there are strict requirements on what is and what is
not allowed in and on the facilities of where the horse will be living. They must have shelter, a vet and vet information, name of their farrier, and boarding information

The adoption fees depends on the horse and the capabilities of each horse. WE start them our at $4oo.oo

WE require that we have the adopters work information, home information, references, They also allow us to do a background check as well.

Each horse that we have adopted out are very happy with their horse(s). We have gone to shows together and I go to their homes to help them work with their horse. Today we will be going to visit an adopters home that has two of our horses. They are having a birthday party for their grandson.

We have never had a problem with anyone when it comes to our adoption process. If they do, than we do not adopt the horse to them. we get support from all our adopters. I have made many wonderful friends adopting our horses. I know every person who has one of our horses and we stay in contact with each other.

Donations & Local Volunteers:
We do not force people to make a commitment on their hours. We encourage them and they come. We have children that volunteer that must put school first, and mothers that have families.
We have our volunteers meet the needs of each horse first. This includes keeping all buckets and paddocks clean and horses fed, Riding and ground work comes after.

We do except donations on line, we have a pay/pal set up for anyone wanting to donate. We don't take over the phone donations. They can come by, mail or pay on line.

We the owners of these unwanted horses to stop the abuse. There are so many people in this world that will help you or are willing to find you the help you need to make sure you animals are cared for. Asking for help doesn't make you a failure is makes you a better person. Failing to ask for help is makes you a failure and abuser.

I plead with you; if you see an animal being abused please do the right thing and turn it in. Not knowing is the hardest, what if I, should I. You should not have to ask yourself these questions when you know what is right and what is wrong. Step up and help us fight abuse..

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