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Heavenly Haven Animal Refuge Located in Unionville, Orange County

Contact Phone: 540-623-0155

Hours of Operation: 8am - 8pm

Heavenly Haven Animal Refuge
16347 Terrys Run Rd.
Unionville, Virginia 22567

Located in: Orange County

Group Background:

My name is Amy Verder and i started the group. I am a Vet Tech and have been for close to 15 years now and compassion and desire and love brought me to start this refuge. I have been working with horses and all animals for over 20 years now through personal work and through professional work. we have been active for 3 years now in Horses and longer in other animals. I have rescued to date 27 Horses

How Horses Are Aquired:
Through word of mouth i am well known for what i do in the area and through local vets, area shelters that come across situations. I believe we average at least 2 a month it would seem this last year in. Yes people in the community do and have contacted me about animals and horses in Need. We are well suited that we could take in at one time 8-10 at one time.

How the Horses are Rehabilitated:
We work with all parts of rehab a horse and any other animal. Many horses are not just physically broke or in need of medical care but they are in need of contact and love and reassurance many are so Physically scared that it takes a lot longer to gain trust and respect then it does to heal most of the time.

When possible there is training that we do with the horses. We would like all of them if health and sound to be able to be trained at the green level at lease. Friendly and social is one Key we work a lot on. To trust Humans and to do well with other horses and animals is a focus factor. All horses are vetted they are all brought current and UTD on all Vacs and Coggins and they are all wormed and treated for what ever their illness might be. They are seen by a Ferrier as well. I work with several Vets in the area

Group Specialties:
I am available 24 / 7 for any case that might be in need of any sort. I work with a couple trainers to help with the horses training and socila skills. I am one that will be up front 100% truthful because it is all about the safty and long term with these wonderful animals and people need to know that and be screened and understand that this is a big long committment to adopt an animal of this type, of any size and type.

Typical Day at the Facility:
Our morning starts at 6 A.M. and we start by Turn out if need be if there are ones that need to be kept in, then it is feed time. At this point there are many they may be on special diets, medicines or supplements that need to be mixed or added. We then prepare to feed and water and check all areas of fencing this is done daily to ensure saftey and security to all.

Then after feed we go about the cleaning and mucking or what ever need there is with a horse. One by one the ones that can be worked with at that time are. If it be haltering, leading , basic ground work. Starting under saddle. Bathing. Etc.

Hours are spent 8-7 with the horses daily with of course being divided between each thing to do with them for the day. works well with numbers as low as 8 or below you make sure they have all been personally seen and looked over everyday and you note their all over appearance and health. Then evening time is turn in or out again and feed time and again any meds, some horse however may need to be fed additonally during the day. then it is a matter of securing the stalls paddocks and field and closing up the barn. so to speak.

Horses Available:
The average is 4-5 and we are successful at about 1-3 a month. There are so many factors to it.

Adoption Procedures:
If the adoptee is not known personally, there is a visit to the location that the animal is going to be kept at.

They must have a boarding facility that will offer a safe and well maintained condition. Feeding usually in most cases 2 times daily they must be able to provide Vet reference and a Ferrier Reference and 5 Personal references. I usually Prefer that they have prior horse Knowledge and ownership. Would adopt to someone who has not owned before but would still require the previous information and would take a lot longer time with this person or persons personally.

I do only the listed above and personal interview and I do run the names through to see if they have ever had animal cruilty or other animal related charges against them locally.

The fees are not all the same. Situations calls for direct fees!

How Past Adoptive Families Have Felt About Your Group's Services:
I know that they have i stay in touch with several of them closely and they all have said how blessed they are even the ones adopted that are lame and are mere field pets... as they put it. they feel life offered them both something special and i have to agree.

They have all been happy i can tell you that. Our farm is staright forward so do not offer an animal to someone we feel is not able to prvide the needs of it. Any animal is not a spur of the moment decision. Not here anyways. I am always available to talk and help adoptees.

Donations & Local Volunteers:
Volunteers are welcome no min hours. They have to be however 12 to do anything here and they must have a parents full consent and it has to be in writing.

No there is not any prior experience needed just alot of love and compassion. It is hard work so they are told fully what they are needed to do and if they are willing then they volunteer if not they do not, or in most cases we can find something different for them to do. Mucking stalls, washing feed buckets, hay, grooming, feeding, watering. Etc. I will accept donations via mail or in person.

Additional Horse Tips & Information:
Always report cruelty to any animal at all.

Adoptees should be someone that is really committed long term that is someone that is knowledgeable about what they are doing the basic owner understand is a must however. This is not a Hollywood got to have it thing, this is for a long term committement. We require that all horses that leave her be maintained with routine vet treatments and we will follow up with each. No horse can be resold it must be returned to us or have gotten prior written permission to do so. This is in the signed adoption agreement.
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