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Break Heart Ranch Horse Rescue Located in Kearney County, Nebraska

Contact Phone: 308-832-7212

Hours of Operation: 24/7

Break Heart Ranch Horse Rescue
2141 J. Rd.
Minden, NE 68959

Located in: Kearney County

Group Background:

My Husband, John, and myself run and maintain the rescue. There was a great need in Nebraska for horse rescues that really knew something about horses. I have been working with and for horses since I was 5 years old. I have been a trainer for over 10 years, using the natural horsemanship approach. We have rescued since 2001, but became a non-profit in 2006. We have saved over 200 hundred horses. We have removed countless others from bad homes, and participated in large scale horse rescues..

How are Horses Acquired?
We rescue from starvation, abandonment, abuse and slaughter auctions. We take in horses the owners can no longer support, or situations ie: divorce. Yes, we have taken in Mustangs as well. We do mostly, in state rescues, but have rescued from other states too. People are encouraged to contact us anytime they think there may be a horse or horses in trouble.Rescue horses can come in bunches or one at a time, it is impossible to say how often they come in. We can handle up to 50 horses, this is with miniatures too, but prefer to keep the number around 30-35.

How the Horses Rehabilitated:
We rehabilitate horses, physically, mentally and emotionally before they are ready to adopt. They are given the time they need to heal and learn to trust before they are put up for adoption. We work with our horses to be friendly and loving and to trust humans. We, also, work to help those that have been ridden get a tune up, so they can forget bad habits and abuse. We have volunteers that come out and just help walk the horses and groom them. A kind, human touch is what is missing and the volunteers help provide that.We make sure all horses are healthy and ready to go to their new homes.

Group Specialties:
We have an open door and open phone line for adopters, as well, as anyone seeking answers on horse issues.We specialize in taking horses other rescues don't want, stallions, horses that have never been handled, or horribly abused horses, that need re-training.We participate in the Nebraska Horse Expo and have several fund raisers throughout the year.

Group Qualifications and Awards:
We have been in many local newspapers, magazine and publications. We are a non-profit 501 (c)3 organization.We have been recognized by Nebraska Attorney General, John Brunning, for our support and donation of a rescue horse to a mentally challenged child.

Typical Day at the Facility:
Feeding and cleaning is top priority. We greet and talk to each horse, by name.We groom the ones we can and share extra time with others. Our whole life is dedicated to horse rescue. That is our life and everything revolves around it. This is our primary responsibility.We average two to three volunteers a week.

Horses Available:
Very hard question. Some months none go out, the next month five or six can leave. We have about 20 that are in various stages of training that can be adopted at this time.

Adoption Procedures:
We do a home check, or have a board member do a home check. They must show they can provide adequate food, shelter and care for the horse. We do reference checks of their farrier or vets as well as two personal references.

Adoption fee depends on the amount of vet care, length of time, etc. Our fees are higher to discourage anyone who might think they are getting something for nothing and don't have to care for it.

How Past Adoptive Families Have Felt About Your Group's Services:
We adopt many of our horses to first time horse owners, youngest was 5years old, the oldest in their 60s. This speaks for the wonderful animals that rescue horses can be once they are treated kindly and with love. Many of our adopters send us pictures and updates, because they are so proud of their "kids"I have even gotten email from my horses, telling me how happy they are in their new homes. Overall, people understand why the adoption application has to be so stringent. They are very supportive. They understand they can pick up the phone or come over anytime if they have a question, or just want to visit.

Donations & Local Volunteers:
We take volunteer as we can get them. Many have full time jobs. Our volunteers will do anything that needs to be done, mucking stalls or grooming horses. Our volunteers are mostly people who know very little about horses, they learn quickly and love the experience. They just love animals.
We accept donations online, thru paypal and by mail.

Additional Horse Tips & Information:
Make sure you have a bond with the horse you adopt. This is important to build a wonderful companionship. Horses are just like people, there are some they don't like right off. If the horse is not receptive to you, seek elsewhere.

Anyone who loves equines and has the funds to provide for their care and plenty of love is a good adoption candidate. You don't have to ride to adopt a pasture pal and have a wonderful, loving relationship.

Report all abuse to your local authorities, if they won't respond, which isn't all that rare, call your nearest horse rescue and give them as many details as possible.
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