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Friends with a heart rescue, Located in Okeechobee County, Florida

Contact Phone: 863-763-6959

Hours of Operation: any

Friends with a heart rescue
16748 nw 304th st
Okeechobee, FL 34972

Located in: Okeechobee County

Group Background:
We are 2 private individuals that pay for all out of our pockets, we do not charge adoption fees for our horses, we do require home visits and check our applicates with animal controland the humane societies to see if they have turned in an animal or abuse or neglect reports ahve been filed or complained about, we run on donations of feed and we pay for all medical out of our own pockets, we will not except cash donations we only except feed or living supplies for our horses, we are in this for the love of the animal, we were inspired by one horse that was going to be sent to slaughter and we took it in and gave it a home until we found it a home, combined we both have been working with horsesfor about 10 years, we have been doing this for approx 2 years, we have placed over 100 horses from riding horses to pasture horses, we love what we are doing and will continue to try and help as many of the animals as we can.

How are Horses Acquired:
Our rescues are done by word of mouth, we have rescued horses all over the state of FLA , we will take any call of any horse that needs our help, we get new horses atleast once a week and have a waiting list of those who need to surrender theirs due to the economy, we have had up to 30 horses at one time.

How the Horses Rehabilitated:
First step is to have the vet check them, second if they are mal-nurished is to get there weight up, then depending on the horses manners we will work with the animal to get it over fears of being starved or abused, we also have a trainer that the unrideable ones are sent to, when a horse is adopted out they are current on all shots and coggins.

Group Specialties:
One aspect is that are adoptions are free, we also check out the place they are going to prior to adoption, other dont,we care for these animals as if they were our own personal horses, we ride them to see how they act, to see if they are child proof or need an experinced rider, we work round the clock both of our locations are on private property owned by us, both behind our homes so wegive constant care and love to these animals.

We are private we fund ourselves, we have been on the news once, will have an article about us, rescue takes in victims of economic crisses, we are not registered for anything, we do this as a passion for animals , not for non-profit nor any other organization, we just want to ensure these animals do not have to relive there bad days.

Typical Day at the Facility:
Morning feed after feeding, we work with the ones that need indiviual help with manners or just excersize, then we brush and bath all this is an everyday thing of brushing and loving with treats for good days, all hooves are cleaned daily, then its dinner time for all, 12 hours a day is dedicated for these animals, there are 4 of us that tend to these horses 2 in one facility and 2in another, also family helps with them also.

Horses Available:
On adoption basis we have about 15 and we adopt out aleast one to 2 each month.

Adoption Procedures:
1- full name , address, city and county, is requested, then anmial control and the humane society is contacted for verifcation that no charges are pending nor that any accusations of abuse have been reported,if this checks out then we move to step 2

2-we then make a home visit to make sure there is enough pasture/barn or stables for the animals, if this checks out then we go to step 3,

3- they pick out a horse, and they will be asked to show how experienced they are with the horse as for working it, lunging it, stretching its legs grooming etc

4- adoption forms are filled out and discussed,

5- we then deliver the animal if they can not transport themselves,

6- after step 1-6 is complete, we then will check on the horse once a month with a drive by and then every 3 months a hands on check for the first year, they are also required to have head neck and chest photos sent to us on the anniversary of the adoption.

Donations & Local Volunteers:
We only except feed or hay donantions NO CASH, we are not in it for cash, we except vounteers that have experience, due to the fact that some of these horses are scared and can be extremely mean.

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