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Horse Feathers Equine Rescue Inc, Located in Logan County, Oklahoma

Contact Phone: 405-260-7281

Hours of Operation: 7am-6 pm

Horse Feathers Equine Rescue Inc
6320 N Hwy 74c
Guthrie, OK 73044

Located in: Logan County


Group Background:
Horse Feathers was designated a 501c3 non profit in 2006. We have helped various types of horses in rehab and adoption. We focus also on education of prospective horse owners and youth in proper equine care.

How are Horses Acquired:
Our horses come from many situations. We have acquired some from auctions, some from the Kill Buyer, some are owner surrender and then animal cruelty cases.

We ask that people who know of a horse that needs rescued or help to contact their local law enforcement. If it is deemed that law enforcement involvement is needed they can contact us if they need our services.

Our capacity is 30 rescues.

How the Horses Rehabilitated:
Our horses under go evaluation from our vet upon arrival. They are then evaluated for ground manners, medical needs, nutritional needs. Depending on each horses situation it varies on how long their rehab is. Volunteers work with the horses on grooming, leading, desensitizing in teh arena, foot care and other things which help make the horse prepared for adoption. Where those who are deemed not adoptable then they are placed in sanctuary.

Group Specialties:
We are open to volunteers coming to help at the facility, we also let the volunteers work with those horses that are safe for them to work with to gain experience and knowledge.

We spend all our donation on the HORSES not on anything else. There are NO paid employees here, Board of Directors get NO compensation for their time. We do not divert funds where they are not supposed to go which sets us apart from some rescues. We focus on and deal with special needs horses where most rescues wont.

We have 2 Annual Work Days where volunteers spend 3 days coming to help at the facility with projects we may be working on. They get to spend time as a community. We also are doing a Community Garden that they are involved in that helps them as well as the facility.

Yes we have been in several news casts as well as papers.

We are certified in the state of OK as a public charity and are a 501c3 non profit.

Ms. White Owl--- In 2007, she was named as one of five finalists for the 2007 Oklahoma Spirit Award, a statewide award sponsored by Oklahoma City TV station CBS Channel 9, the Daily Oklahoman newspaper, and Remington Park, Oklahoma City's racetrack.

Typical Day at the Facility:
Daily feedings--everyone is fed separately here--no mass feeding, stall cleaning and medical check overs. Prepare for evening feeding. Grooming is light but done by volunteers throughly on weekends. Some training through the week but mostly on weekends.

I am here 24/7. I spend about 8 hours plus each day on either the horses or rescue issues.

We have 20 volunteers that come at different times. Most are here on weekends and in summer more often.

Horses Available:
We have 8 horses available now. Adoptions are slow at this time of the year and with the economy.

Adoption Procedures:
Application, back ground checks unless previously known.(volunteer adopting)

Site checks, contract that is to be followed. Check references, vet, farrier, etc

We require an adoption fee based on the horses age/level of training and health.

We have had a good success rate. Adopters all send updated photos, and how the horse is doing. Some are volunteers that are still coming here and helping.

Donations & Local Volunteers:
We have no min on hours to volunteer.

We gratefully accept donations. We also accept gift cards or payment directly to vendors. Donors can also order products needed and ship direct.

We need volunteers in all areas of the facility. No experience necessary. We will work to help teach them and only put them in areas according to their level of experience. Helping with the horses, barn chores, projects outside the barn, activities, work days, state fair booth, office help are some of the areas we need help in.

We hope to decrease the abuse rate by helping to educate the public about equines. We strive to help educate youth on how to be responsible pet owners and community members.
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