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Kelly Schmitt & Rhonda Thurman from Galena, Illinois

Contact Phone: 815-777-2014

Hours of Operation: Daylight

Kelly Schmitt & Rhonda Thurman
P8083 West Council Hill road
Galena, IL 61036

Located in: Galena County

Group Background:

We saw the need for horse rescue. We have been rescuing for about 5 years - all capacities. Dr. William Wade works with us. He is excellent with horses and also shows plus having his own buckskin stallion which he stands. We have been rescuing for our whole lives and am not sure of how many we have rescued.

How are Horses Acquired?
Most of our horses have been abused and are given to us free. The owners may or may not be financially strapped. Some of the horses have not been trained correctly or training followed through. Yes, people can contact us if needed. The rescue horses number completely varies as we have four right now and desperately need homes for two.

How the Horses Rehabilitated:
Kelly is a horse trainer and I call her my "horse whisperer". I had purchased a drugged horse who liked to run me over in the pasture. Now he is a child's horse. We try to spend time with our horses - read to them or just pet them to begin with. Our vet. has all of our horses UTD on all vaccinations including rabies plus worming. Our farrier comes regularly.

Group Specialties:
We try to help anyone that needs help with their horse. We are only two people trying to make a difference in our horses's lives.

Typical Day at the Facility:
Volunteers consist of my husband, daughter and grandchildren when they are here. Personal hours vary according to need. They are placed with our own horses before they leave us. We try to get them in the best condition possible before we try to find good homes for them.

Horses Available:
Totally varies, but have two right now we would love to place as more are waiting.

Adoption Procedures:
The home/stable visit time varies. The potential adopter must have a vet. reference and preferable two more. Our priority is NO KILLER'S! The person must have a knowledge of horses or someone that will assist them that is knowledgable. There is no fee asked. Our goal is a loving home.

Donations & Local Volunteers:
If anyone wants to volunteer: they are most welcome. We do not take money - they could give it to Dr, Wade if they wish.

Additional Horse Tips & Information:
Skippie is a bay 2 year old with bad front knees. She is very sweet and leads frontwards. She could be an excellent broodmare. Rabbit is a superb 18 year old bay that was hit in the R eye with a polo mallet. He has adjusted extremely well and the first time we rode him (underweight) immediately went into dressage. Our past adopters know me personally and know my expectations. They know that I am to be notified of any problems - day or night. The horse is to come back to us if there are any problems. We have never had a horse returned to us
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