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We have complied the largest horse name list on the web. You will find many great namely titles for your irish, indian, miniature, quarter. or race horse all in one place. Whether you are looking for boy, girl, or famous horses names, there enough nicknames here to find the perfect one for your mare, stud, gelding or colt. To be a good horse namer you must also think about your horse's nickname.

Search our extensive list of equine names that has hundreds of the best horse names below. This is also a great guide if you haven't ever named a horse before!

Horse Names
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M&M Mac Mackenzie
Macleod Macy Madam Pixi
Madame Butterfly Maddie Maddison
Maddy Made Of Honor Made You Look
Madison Madison Avenue Madonna
Maestro Magavin Magee
Magestic Maggie Maggie May
Maggie's Maiden Magic Magic At Last
Magic Carpet Magic Night Magic Star Pusher
Magic Touch Magnum Magoo
Maid Marion Maid of Silver Maiden
Maiko Maisie Majeed
Majestic Majesty Majestic Wind Majesty
Major Make me a star Malachite
Malcolm Male Model ( m&m) Malibu
Malikhi Manchego Mandolin
Mandy Mango Maddness Mania
Mankala Manly Manolito
Maple Syrup Marama Maranda
Marbach March to Victory Marcie
Marcus Marengo Margo
Maria Marigold Marion
Marisa Mark Marks Super Socks
Marlett Marley Marquisse
Mars Marshall Skipper Bar Marshmallow
Marshmello Marshy Martini
Marvin Marvin Bay Mary
Mary Mary quite Contrary MaryJane MaryJanes Last Dance
MaryLou Masimo (Ma Z mo) Mastang Sally
Master Mind Master Oats Master Piece
Master Pluto Master Teddy Edward MaTao (Ma-Tay-O)
Matica Matilda Matrix
Mattawa Matter of Heart Mattimeo
Maude Mauharina Maverick
Max Maximotion Maxine
May May Day Maya
Mayday Mayzie Day Mazey
McCloud McKenna Meadow Skipper
Medal of Freedom Medley Meeka
Megaboom Megabucks Megan
Megan's Craker Melissa Mellie
Mello Yello Mellow Morrick Mellow Yellow
Melody Melt Away Memory
Mercedes Mercury Mercy
Merietta Merlin Merlin's Magic
Mermaid Merrick Merrie
Merry Legs Merrylegs Merrylegs
Merry-weather Mexican Treat Mia
Miami Vice Mica Mickey
Mickey Blue Eyes Micro Mini Mid Mornings Light Breeze
Midge Midnight Midnight April Moon
Midnight Blues Midnight Clear Midnight Dancer
Midnight Dream Midnight Dreamer Midnight Express
Midnight Jewel Midnight Lady Midnight Legacy
Midnight Madness Midnight Magic Midnight Majesty
Midnight Mayhem Midnight Myth Midnight Spark
Midnight Sun Midnight Surprizes Midnight Wanderer
Miffie Mig Mighty blue
Mighty Man Mighty Snazy Mika
Mike Mikey Milan
Miles Miles Mirical Dancer Milky
Milky Way Millefeuille Millenium
Millenium Rose Milley Millie
Milly Milo Milord
Milpreve Mindy Mini
Mini Me Mini-me Minnie
Mint Mint-julip Minx
Miracle Miracles Are Real Mirage
Mirren Mirror Image Mischief
Mischief Miss Miscief Miss Congeniality
Miss Dottie West Miss Ellie Miss Fortune
Miss Jones Miss Kitty Miss Mount
Miss Poco Dot Com Miss Priss Miss Spots
Miss T Miss-A-Sis Missedent
Missing Link Mission Missy
Mister Man Mister Mime Mister Nibbles
Mister Saturday Night Mistery Mistic
Mistico Mistral Mistress
Mistro Misty Misty Blue
Misty Mae Misty Moon Misty's Dream
Mo Mocha Mocha Locha
Mochachino Moci Moejo the Man Eater
Mohawk Molina Mollie
Molly Molson Momentum
Monday Mac Money Monglow
Monopoly Montana Montana Bay
Montana Dream Montana Miracle Montana Sky
Montego Montego Bay Monty
Moon Moon Dancer Moon foal
Moon Glow Moon Shine Moon Struck
Moonay Moonbeam Moondancer
Moonglow Moonlight Moonlight Blue
Moonlight Sonata Moonlight Sun Moonlit Night
Moonlite Kiss Moonshadow Moonshine
Moonwind Moorcroft Moose
Morgan Morgan le Fay Morgan's Magic
Morgause Moriah Morning
Morning Dew Morning Glory Morning Miracle
Morning Star Morning's Moon Morning's Star.
Moses Lunar Sundy Mosses Most Valuble Player
Most Wanted Motana Sky Moulin Rouge
Mountain Mountain Burst Mountain Rush
Mouse Mouse Over Moustache
Mozart Mr Bigshot Mr blobby
Mr Co-Co Bean Mr Cool Mr Ed
Mr Hollywood Mr Miami Mr Monty
Mr Niceguy Mr Viner Mr. Blue
Mr. Ed Mr. Ed Talks Again Mr. Gallop
Mr. Gentleman Swift Mr. Midnight Mr. Perposterous
Mr. T Mr. Wonderful Mrs. Americus
Ms.Gallop Muchi Mudslide
Mufasa Mugsy Mulder
Mungo Murasaki (purple in japanese) Murphy
Muscade Must be Dreaming Must Be Magic
Mustang Mustang Sally Mustard
Mutiny My Alibi My Boy
My Centennial Rose My Friend My Heart's Desire
My Hero My Integrity My kind of guy
My kinda Girl My Lil Pony My Little Drummer Boy
My Little Joy My Lovely Rebel My Lucky Day
My Maria My New Nikes My Passionate Rose
My Prince My Quite Music My Sassy Kat
My Sir Guy My Way Mylie
Mysterious Mysterious Lady Mystery
Mystic Mystic Dream Mystic Moon Dancer
Mystical Mystical Magic Mystical Magician
Mystical Night Mystical Star Mystical White Princess
Mystique Mystro Mysty
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